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Additional Swine Flu Cases Likely
Reported by Olena Rubin from KHON2 
The number of reported swine flu cases in Hawaii could increase to five, if two new probable cases are confirmed by the CDC.

The State Health Department says the earliest we will know is Thursday. Meanwhile a local pediatrician is waiting to find out the results of a few patients.

State health officials announced Wednesday that two adults living on Oahu could be at home recovering from the swine flu also known as the H1N1 influenza virus.

“These two new probable cases have been the result of back reviewing extensive dates that we've been receiving from commercial clinical labs,” state Department of Health Janice Okubo said.

Department of Health officials say the two probable cases have isolated themselves from others and are recovering at home.

“You know fortunately these cases when they got ill did stay at home,” Okubo said.

Meanwhile local doctors are seeing an influx in patients.

“People are wanting to be checked and tested for the swine flu,” Kahala Pediatrics Dr. Marni Dezzani said.

“The important thing to do is not to panic, just take care of your self take precaution not to pass it to others,” Dr. Dezzani said to a patient.

The Centers for Disease Control and the State Health Department work together to track and investigate the virus but... “There are no mandates however about who should be tested,” Dr. Dezzani said.

“We do expect to find more cases,” Okubo said.

Both agree there might be more infected people out there, Dr. Dezzani says she encourages her patients to come in for a checkup.

“If it's a situation that's going to be monitored and it’s something that's going to be tracked then the only way to measure something to measure a number is to have actual evidence,” Dr. Dezzani said.

With that you need testing Dr. Dezzani special orders a rapid influenza A&B nasal swab which comes in at 25 dollars a pop.

“If our test is positive for A swine flu falls under the category of A then we will send a specimen off to the dept of health for confirmation,” Dr. Dezzani said.

So far she has had a couple of patients test positive for type A and is waiting to get the results.

Dr. Dezzani says it’s optional for doctors to order the rapid nasal swap test.